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10 Drawings of Eyes with Tears & Crying Eye Step by Step

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You need to find new opportunities and things to paint, develop and improve your artistic skills? This time we offer you a new challenge: drawings of eyes with tears step by step. As a reference, we give step-by-step instructions. Most likely, you will need considerable patience to complete this picture, which is close to real life, but rest assured, you can do it right!

So, let’s start with a review of additional things that will require drawing a sad and crying human face with a tear on it. In particular, you will need HB core pencils, an eraser, a piece of paper or notepad, and a shading tool. Besides, for longer performance, you should keep them in a safe place, such as a pencil case.

Step 1: Start with the upper eyelids

This stage includes the outline of the upper eyelids with a pencil. You must draw a curved line, and then draw another, parallel, lower, repeating the first. The right end of the shape should have an acute angle, so connect the two lines at one point. Thus, the compounds form a wide part of this form. After finishing, fill them with hatching, and then slightly shade.

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Everything here should be a mirror image. This means that the acute angle is on the left and the wide side is on the right.

Broken Heart Cry Eye Draw

Depressing cry eye draw Crying eye draw

Heartbroken Cry Eye Draw

Drawing of eyes with tears step by step How to draw a realistic crying eye step by step

Step 2: Add Eyelashes and Lower Eyelids

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How can eyes look like real ones without eyelashes? To fix this, we need to create them on the outside of the eyelids. For this, the best option would be small triangles with a bend slightly up.

Once you’re done, we need to add a convex line under the top arc. There will be only one line without any narrowing or expansion. It should be shorter than the one above it.

Step 3: Eyebrows and Circles

Do not be afraid if you think your eyes are not finished after the previous step. It will make them more detailed. Now you must connect the upper and lower arcs. This can be achieved by drawing the shape of the iris in both eyes. Circle, the only thing you need to finish. It is necessary to add its sides, and the upper and lower bend of the lines will complement them.

After that, let’s do eyebrows. You need to add curved, interconnected lines at the top. For a more realistic picture, draw some folds of skin under the inner points of the eyebrows.

Drawings of eyes with tears step by step Broken heart cry eye draw

Depressing Cry Eye Draw

Crying eyes drawing anime step by step

Step 4: Drawing Tears In Your Eyes / Drawings of Eyes with Tears

Now it’s time to draw the falling drops. Start from the bottom arc. Draw a long tear shape and form a base from it. Add a smaller drop down as if it were choppy. Repeat the same approach on the second eye. Make the shape of the falling drop the same way. Under a stream of tears, you can also add a few tiny drops. Then add a few extra splashes around the shape of the tear streams in both eyes.

Step 5: Make Your Eyes Realistic

The following details will make the eyes more realistic. For the first step, you need to create a pupil shape inside the circles. Of course, the pupil is also a circle, but it has a smaller size. Finally, we must show that they are wet due to tears. Thus, add several ellipses connected inside the pupil. One ellipse must be smaller than the other. The same applies to the iris, but instead use tiny circles inside the white segment. Now you can fill the pupil with hatching, but leave the ellipses white. An eraser will help you.

Crying eye drawing Broken heart drawing

Step 6: Hatch and Shade / Drawings of Eyes with Tears

The last step will make the drawing not flat, but convex, and show the depth and irregular surface. Hatching will hide all errors and make the photo picture similar.

We hope you have achieved the desired result with the help of easy-to-follow instruction steps. You can personalize your drawing by adding or removing some tears. Besides, facial features may also differ from those that were in our manual.

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