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20 Beautiful Garden Drawings in Pencil 2023

A beautiful garden in the spring during flowering. Bees fly, collecting pollen, the gentle sun warms. Orchards are apple, cherry, apricot. How pleasant it is to lie down in the shade of an orchard in summer, listen to the rustle of leaves, inhale the aromas of grass.

In summer, under the trees, you can take shelter from sudden summer rain. In summer and autumn, these gardens will endow you with delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables. Almost every summer resident has fruit trees growing on the plot. Here I will show you how to draw a garden correctly or you can draw a garden step by step with a simple pencil.

Step one: To begin with, let’s sketch a sketch. Let’s designate the location of the table, chairs and bushes.

Step two: From above we will add more outlines of trees.

Step three: Let’s get to drawing. Let’s start with the bridge and go to the trees on the left.

Step four: We do the same with the upper part of the picture, a table and chairs.

Step five: And the final stage: Try to depict other landscapes.


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