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Easy and Cute Fox Drawings in Pencil 2023

Draw a circle in the center of a sheet of paper – this will be the head of the fox. Make the circle slightly flattened on the lower right side to represent the neck and body of the animal here. Lightly mark the circle with a pencil.

Do all the preliminary sketches with a pencil and come back to this line. You can then easily erase unwanted lines as you add details to your drawing.

Complete the head with three egg-shaped ovals – these will be the ears and muzzle of the animal. Imagine that the head is the face of a clock and place the ears approximately where the numbers 10 and 1 are. The muzzle should be slightly larger than the ears and positioned at about 7 o’clock.

The sharper ends of the ovals should protrude beyond the circle of the head. Draw them so that about two-thirds of the left ear, one-third of the right ear, and half of the muzzle protrude outside the circle.

Draw a much larger oval to represent the fox’s torso. Draw this oval a little below the neck and extend it to the right. It should cross the circle of the neck and touch the circle that represents the head.

The oval of the body should be about one and a half times thicker than the circle of the neck, and about three times as long as it.

Draw a slightly larger circle on the lower right side of the head so that it partially intersects with the head – this will be the neck. Make this circle about a third larger than the head and give it a slightly oval shape. About a third of this circle should intersect with the lower right side of the head.

Draw a set of interconnected ovals to represent the front paws and feet. Pull the oval of the shoulder down and make it so that it intersects slightly with the oval of the neck and protrudes slightly below the line of the torso. In this case, the upper part of the shoulder should be tilted approximately 30 degrees to the front side of the torso.

Attach to the lower edge of the shoulder a vertical oval of the paw, the length of which should be approximate twice the width. From below, draw an oval of the foot at a right angle.

Once you’ve completed the outline of the near-front paw, sketch out the front paw that is further away from you. Move it slightly forward about the paw closest to you.

Color the drawing, if desired, to complete it. Make sure that the lower parts of the legs, the lower third of the tail, the front of the chest, and the lower half of the muzzle have a whitish tint. Fox hair can be dyed red, orange, or brown, but burnt orange is the most natural color.


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