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5 Easy Step by Step Tutorials – How to Draw Lips

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How to draw lips

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In this tutorial, I will teach you how to draw lips with a base on a triangular shape in just ten easy steps. You can reproduce different types of lip positions by making minor adjustments in the first step. This method came about by accident: I somehow compared lips to a bow and arrow.

(I regularly get messages from subscribers who have tried this method and they are all convinced of its effectiveness. I hope it helps you too! Have fun getting creative!)

For this tutorial you will need:

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Mouth how to draw lips Easy step how to draw lips How to draw lips cartoon

Draw an elongated isosceles triangle. Draw a curve (“U” shape) at the top corner. Draw a horizontal straight line between the curve and the base of the triangle. The longer the drawn line, the wider the lips will be, and vice versa: the shorter, the fuller.

“But what if I want to paint it on my face already?” See my tutorial on drawing faces to determine the location of the “triangle”. Here you have to pay attention to the proportions, and they will help you calculate the length of the triangle and the width of the lips, taking into account the rest of the face.

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Draw the lower lip with a curved line that does not extend beyond the base of the triangle. Relying on a horizontal line, “slightly open” the drawn mouth.

easy step by step easy how to draw lips Pencil how to draw lips

After you erase the triangle, identify the light source. In this example, the light source is on the upper right side. I have emphasized the parts that I want to lighten and also put a shadow on the left side of the lower lip.

Darken both lips and keep the areas that you defined as the lightest in step 4. You can see that there is a shadow under the lower lip. Closer to the right side, it decreases, indicating that the light source is in the upper right corner.

Draw some folds on the lips with a hard-soft pencil (0.5mm). Do not press hard, as you will have difficulty in the next step.

(If you want to learn how to distribute folds on the lips with the most natural effect? ​​Check out the contour shading technique in my shadowing tutorial.)

Smooth out the darkening on the lower lip with a feather. Don’t touch the highlights from step 4. The highlights will make your lips look plump and rounded. You may also notice that the lip folds become thinner in the shade, but do not completely disappear.

Walk the sharpest corner of the eraser over the highlights and give the highlights a cleaner look with a glint effect.

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