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20 Realistic Dog Drawings Easy Step by Step 2023

The most popular drawings for children are, of course, pictures of dogs and cats. Many of us are very fond of dogs, and many would like to draw their favorite dog, because they have such devoted eyes. But how to draw a dog if you are not a very “big” artist? Of course, you need to draw in stages, step by step adding new details to the drawing of the dog.
Next, we offer you to look at pencil drawings for sketching a dog for children. Here are collected dogs of completely different breeds. They are all pretty cute and funny.

Figure step by step dog. Figure step by step dog. Drawing for sketching a puppy.

Drawing step by step bulldog. Pencil drawing of a dog. Picture for children’s dog.

Puppy pencil drawing.Figure step by step dog. Dog coloring page..

From this fur along the edges, release smooth lines down. Round them next to the eyes and bring them to the top so that you get drooping ears. At their base, add small dashes.On the edges of the eyes, draw the head with rounded lines. Connect the left to the ear with a small dash. Put a few dots under the nose and paint over the mouth above the tongue.If desired, the drawing can be drawn with colored pencils, felt-tip pens, or markers.

The skeleton itself is not the only thing that makes up the pose. Animals need joints to move, so you need to understand them before drawing anything other than a stationary profile. Dogs are very similar to cats in this, so I suggest you take a look at the first step of my cat drawing tutorial. When you are sure that you have studied it, you can draw a pose.



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