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Home Decoration Ideas 30 Creative DIY Decoration Ideas at Home in 2020

30 Creative DIY Decoration Ideas at Home in 2020

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It’s crazy how expensive it can be to decorate your home. Skip the overpriced décor and craft your own accent pieces to give your home a more personal feel with the helo of these 30 Creative DIY Decoration Ideas at Home in 2020. Plus, just imagine how great it’ll feel when guests ask where your homemade placemats are from. (They’re from you, by the way.)

If you have a couple of free evenings, then why don’t you make crafts for the kitchen and home? After all, with your own hands, you can create a bunch of useful or just beautiful little things from improvised, natural and even waste materials. In this article, we presented 30 inspirational photos and 10 super-ideas with step-by-step masterclasses in the manufacture of decor items, storage accessories, kitchen utensils and more.

Stand for a tablet from a cutting board Watching your favorite TV shows on a tablet or peeping into a recipe book during cooking will become easier if you make a special stand from … a regular cutting board. Making this kitchen craft with your own hands will take no more than two hours, and it will be used every day.

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Christmas crafts made from salt dough are a great gift for loved ones, work for a school competition or just a nice souvenir for the holiday. We have collected the best workshops for adults and children with photos and videos.

Complicated or simple, flat or voluminous, classic or color – you can easily make your own very beautiful “flour mallets” for the New Year. Browse all ideas to find the most interesting craft options. Step-by-step instructions will help you do everything right. Some of them are designed for school children.

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Before you start, check out our article on salted dough crafts. In it, we tell you how to mix the ingredients according to the recipe to get good figures. We also talk in detail about tools, modeling techniques, baking and give a lot of valuable advice.

A very simple piece of salt dough, which can be attributed to the school for the contest for the New Year. With her, the child will perfectly cope on his own. Making a snowman out of the salt dough with your own hands is perhaps even easier than any other craft.

Make a snowman’s hands out of thin twigs. They need to be inserted immediately because the dough is baked – then it will be impossible. You need to stick your nose out of a toothpick in advance. Eyes can be painted with acrylic or laid out from beads.

Voluminous crafts made from salt dough are baked longer than flat ones. When you get the snowman out of the oven, you will need to dry it for a day, and only then paint it. Consider this point if you make crafts for the school New Year’s contest to correctly calculate the time.

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