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15 Digital Artwork Portraits from Famous Artist Aykut Aydogdu

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From the first days of art, the painting was of great importance, because it was one of a kind. If you want a copy of the painting, you will have to hire an artist to draw it, but it will no longer be genuine. With the advent of the camera and digital imaging, copying art has become commonplace. That is why the ability to confirm the authenticity of an art object using the blockchain is a promising direction.

In the digital age, the challenge for art is copying. Firstly, the camera allowed to reproduce any picture. The Internet has taken this process to a new level. For example, a regular Google image search allows you to find a version of your favorite painting or high-resolution photo without paying the artist a dime. Works of art, such as painting, can be completely recreated from images on the Internet.

This becomes a problem for collectors who want to buy a work of art. How can they make sure they buy the original? Confirmation of the authenticity of art through the blockchain promises to tokenize the possession of a particular unit of painting. This allows you to confirm that you are the actual owner of the script. Similarly, it is planned to arrange the monitoring of the authenticity of the purchased hemp. You can also transfer this token certificate when reselling to a new owner.

Digital artwork

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Simple digital artwork

Realistic beautiful girl deviantart

Cute deviantart girl

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Girl illustration art

Realistic deviantart girl drawing

Digital art woman

Digital art girl simple

This applies not only to traditional art. The blockchain also opens the door to digital art and photography, where artists create works that are designed to be displayed on the screen. In digital art, plagiarism and piracy are very common. However, the “digital artist” will be able to sell tokenized certified art. Thus, he will reduce the number of fakes and will be able to prove to customers that they have purchased the original.

The problem is that documents are pretty easy to fake, especially in a centralized repository. When auction houses want to verify the authenticity of a work of art, they examine the documents of its origin. They also hire external appraisers. The latter was mistaken many times, checking fakes, instead of the originals.

Confirming the authenticity of art through the blockchain will solve this problem. Today, several companies are working to create a digital database of world art and its owners. These owners have public and private keys (what’s the difference?), Which are proof of ownership of the original work.

Digital artwork

Realistic digital art girl

Digital artworks

Realism realistic digital art girl

Drawing deviantart girl

Beauty deviantart digital art girl

Fashion girl illustration art

Brown hair digital art girl

Girl digital drawing


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