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Realistic and Cute Deer and Buck Drawings to Copy 2023

The most intelligent of the representatives of homo sapiens say that deer is an extremely offensive word. Since an animal with horns, and even not very smart. But I want to bet. In heraldry, for example, the deer is a symbol of male nobility. And remember cute Bambi.

Conclusion: deer are different: Those that are found in the forest and in cartoons are noble nyashki; Those who meet on the streets of the city are stubborn idiots.

And it also happens that … Edible deer: * Dumplings. Reindeer meat dumplings are cool. Often, venison in these dumplings does not differ in composition from soy. But flavorings won’t let you recognize that. So you have to puff to get dumplings with real venison. * Kopalchen. It is eaten by the Nenets and Chukchi.

This piece is made from the rotten meat of a large, fat deer. For most, it is not edible, as it contains cadaveric poison. Well, the Nenets and Chukchi are no strangers to rotten meat, they have been cracking it since childhood. Inedible deer:

Many places use pictures and sculptures with this animal. So he is worthy: big, strong, handsome, noble, etc.

Therefore, we can see the deer on the coats of arms: Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov, Grodno, Odintsovo, Sarvash and others.

There is also a deer on the coat of arms of Varkuta. By the way, the same northern one. The deer is depicted in a graceful jump. There is an idea that the jump is a symbol of the desires and aspirations of the inhabitants of the city, who are increasingly visited by the thought of tearing their claws out of the city and as soon as possible.

At the entrance to Magadan you can see a sculpture: two deer. They say that this is a kind of warning that special treatment is required for the inhabitants of the city.
Okay, jokes aside, it’s time to get down to business!

How to draw a deer with a pencil step by step

Step one In the center of the sheet, draw a pair of circles. A little higher than them – a head. Also a circle, but smaller. Draw horns upward from her.

Step Two Connect the two circles with lines to get the torso. Let’s draw the neck of the animal. Draw small protruding ears to the head. And add slender legs.

Step Three Let’s show a round muzzle, and on it a spout. Let’s draw the eyes of our deer. Now a little ponytail. And on the head are horns: sinuous, sinuous. And on the legs – hooves.

Step Four Erase all unnecessary lines, circle the outline …

Step Five Now we hatch. Horns are darker. The deer itself is lighter. And hatching lines – according to the growth of wool.

OK it’s all over Now! Did it work for you? Write in the comment.

Horns are darker. The deer itself is lighter. And hatching lines – according to the growth of wool.


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