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Cute Animal Kawaii Drawings – 2023 Edition

Kawaii in Japanese means “cute”, “glorious”, and “pretty”. Drawings in the Japanese kawaii technique have become part of Japanese culture and gained popularity all over the world due to their fun and cuteness.

Mastering the technique is quite simple: the first study and work out the image of simple objects (fruits, vegetables, mushrooms), then move on to working with faces, people, animals such as cats and foxes, and fairy-tale characters.

Cute faces in the Japanese technique are usually complemented by each drawing. From the drawings below you can examine the intricacies of the image of the eyes (sleeping, voluminous, winking, expressive), cilia, and emotions.

You can get different facial expressions based on the same eyes by changing the lines of the mouth and eyebrows. The drawings contain an algorithm for drawing eyes in circles, which can then be turned into any “cute” drawings by adding other elements.

Getting started is to create eyes based on two circles. This is followed by ears and head, paws, tummy, and tail, painted over with pencils and felt-tip pens. Kawaii cat can be drawn a little differently. The second character is painted with paint. The third kitten is made in the style of Hello Kitty. The fourth is easy to create, even a beginner can repeat. The fifth represents another variant of the popular meme cat.

In Japan, kawaii characters have become official. For sketching lovers all over the world, Japanese drawings are a real find. Simple, and cute, allow you to invent and implement your characters on paper. All the drawings in the post are created by the Do It Beforeme Me Art Studio.


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