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Creative and Unique Elephant Tattoo Ideas – Small and Cute Designs

In the modern world, especially in Europe, for some reason, some inaccurate opinion has formed about elephants as clumsy and heavy. To some extent, the image of an elephant can even be equated with the meaning of a turtle tattoo. But if you delve into this topic, and look at the idea of ​​​​elephants, from the side of the people living next to them, then it becomes clear quite the opposite.

As the famous Hindu legend says, elephants once also flew like birds, but then they were cursed by an old hermit and for this, they lost their wonderful gift.

Therefore, it is not strange that a tattoo with images of an elephant is found in our area much less frequently than in the countries of Near and Central Asia, and, of course, among the peoples of the African continent.

The elephant is a symbol of peace and friendliness, a symbol of long life and wisdom, devotion, and inner strength. In many African countries, the elephant is considered the strongest, therefore the most respected animal, as well as in India and China, the elephant symbolizes supreme power. The Buddhist religion ascribes to the elephant the properties of stability and spiritual knowledge.

In general, the elephant is a kind and positive, but at the same time serious symbol, therefore, before making such a tattoo, it is better to think it over, because mythologies and legends associate it with the gods and call it a sacred animal.

Europeans in the Middle Ages considered the elephant also a symbol of chastity and love because for a long time they thought that elephants refrain from sexual contact during the female’s pregnancy, which lasts about a year and a half. In the Roman Empire, the elephant was considered a sign of victory and wisdom; later, after the collapse of the empire, the elephant became a symbol of victory over evil in Christianity; in this context, it was most often depicted trampling a snake.

The tattoo of a white elephant should be singled out separately, as the rarest, because this elephant is especially revered in half of Asia: Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, and other Buddhist countries. There it symbolizes happiness and spirituality and brings longevity and fertility.

But the elephant remains the most revered in India, where elephants are noble mounts, not only for kings and nobles but also for the gods. So the god of thunder and rain Indra is always depicted on the elephant, the god Ganesha also has the head of an elephant, and is the patron of the literature of wisdom and earthly happiness, he is also considered an image of taming passions since he holds his trunk in his hand.

The elephant is a symbol of strength and insight, well suited to strong-willed and self-confident people, it can also help in acquiring the qualities necessary for a ruler or boss: prudence, intelligence, dignity, and meekness. The elephant has not been forgotten by such cultures as Egyptian and Greek.

In any case, the meaning of an elephant tattoo is unusual and interesting, this tattoo combines the wisdom of millennia, and therefore it is very strong and worthy.


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