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Easy Cow Drawings in Pencil 2023

We will perform the drawing of a cow in stages with a simple pencil. If you managed to draw a cow correctly, you can then color the drawing with paints or pencils.

My drawing of a cow is made on a graphics tablet. With such simple lines of a simple pencil, we will try to make a magnificent drawing of a cow, the most friendly and helpful pet. So useful that in India the cow is considered a sacred animal.

I think it will be easy for you to draw two horizontal lines and two ovals. Keep the proportions approximately, such as in my drawing.

By the way, who knows how much milk a cow gives per day? Of course, no one, especially since many have not even seen a cow. A cow gives approximately 10 liters of milk per day, or otherwise 10 packs of milk that you buy at the store every day.

But let’s continue the drawing of the cow and add to it such simple contours, more like drawing a baby than a real artist. But don’t jump to conclusions…

Now, if you add just one line to the two ovals of the head and extend the legs, then the picture immediately changes along with the viewer’s opinion. But what else will be in the next steps!

In the meantime, some interesting facts about cows that will be useful to you in school. For example, do you know that, having a weight of almost 1 ton (the weight of a car), a cow can swim perfectly, in any case, it is not a problem for her to cross a village river.

Well, now no one will say that this is a drawing of an inexperienced kid. Look, the cow has ears, legs, a tail and even an udder (milk is milked from it).

Well, as for interesting facts, it is generally accepted that bulls hate the color red and therefore the bullfighter waves a red handkerchief to anger the bull. In fact, both cows and bulls are color blind, that is, the world around them, as, by the way, for many other animals, is black and white.

Well, now is the time to remove the unnecessary contours that helped us draw the correct proportions of the torso, legs and head of the cow.

After cleaning the drawing, you can proceed to the final stage, drawing details, such as horns, hooves, etc.

Who has ever seen a cow, noticed that they constantly chew, but I wonder why? I didn’t know this myself, but I rummaged through the Internet and found out that this is compensation for the lack of fangs.

Nature has made it possible for the cow to first swallow the food whole, and then only chew it. People and other animals do exactly the opposite, first they tear food, chew it, and then just swallow it. A cow makes 40,000 chewing movements per day.

If you “successfully” got to this stage of drawing a cow, then I did not try hard for you all day, drawing a cow in stages on a graphics tablet.

For coloring, use my drawing or search the Internet for photos of cows.


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