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20 Easy and Cute Christmas Tree Drawings for Kids 2023

On New Year’s holidays, it is customary to decorate your houses. In addition, you can see New Year’s decor in various shops, cafes and restaurants. Thus, each person wants to create a festive mood not only for himself, but also for those around him. The main decoration of this holiday is the Christmas tree.

It is decorated with various toys, colored ribbons and bright garlands.

Now we will teach you how to draw a Christmas tree with a pencil in stages, our lessons are simple, so it will suit both novice artists and children. Choose a lesson to your liking and start drawing a Christmas tree.

In this step, we begin to draw the bottom and left side of our Christmas tree, as you see in our example. Then in the upper part we draw a beautiful big star. Therefore, we draw a lot of Christmas balls and garlands.

At the end of the work, erase all the auxiliary lines that were useful to you in the process of drawing. That’s all! We have just drawn this beautiful Christmas tree step by step. Now we just have to color it to our taste. And that’s all for me. I wish you good luck in the new year and look forward to seeing you again on our website!

This is a beautiful drawing of a holiday tree and now is the time to start drawing garland lights, decorations and confetti. I hope you enjoyed this Christmas tree, although there is still a little time to wait before the New Year. Good luck, friends, this holidays!

Right on top of the line you just drew, we’ll draw a cute little star. I wanted to have fun with you, so I had to draw eyes on her!

Now we will look at how to draw a Christmas tree in three versions with a pencil in stages.

First, try to draw this Christmas tree, if it is difficult at the bottom there are two easy options.

Draw a triangle, then the top of the tree, draw the bottom of the branch in waves.

The Christmas tree is beautiful and glowing with lights. We love dressing her up for the New Year so much. We hang beautiful garlands on it, New Year’s toys, we set a star at the very top. And below, when we woke up after the New Year, many, many gifts await us under the tree. The New Year tree is a symbol of the New Year and an essential attribute that stands in every house, apartment, family.

Christmas trees stand at home, natural and artificial. For the New Year holiday, the tree should be smart, so they dress it up with the whole family, because it is big. A natural Christmas tree smells good and freshens the air at home.

We also buy small branches of the Christmas tree and decorate them. When drawing a Christmas tree, the main thing is to set its center correctly and draw lines from it to the left and right, showing its branches.

Then we show the fluffiness with wavy lines from below and again spread towards the line, and so on. Then you need to show the tree trunk below and draw a lot of toys. That’s all you’ve got. Have you been thinking all day: “How to draw a Christmas tree?”. It turns out that drawing a Christmas tree is very simple with the site lesyadraw.ru. See many more drawing lessons about the New Year.


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