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Realistic and Simple Cherry Blossom Drawings to Copy in 2023

Cherry is one of the most beautiful trees that bloom in spring. It depends on the number of flowers how rich the harvest of berries will be in summer. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the cherry and prevent problems with fruiting.


Cherry blossoms can be seen in almost every area. The tree is covered with neat flowers with five petals. They look very nice. Pollination of such flowers occurs due to insects that fly by. They are attracted by the rich aroma of cherry blossoms. It is light, sweet and very pleasant.

You can see cherry blossoms in the second half of spring. It blooms for a short time. On average, the flowering period lasts about 8 days.

If the weather is rainy or cloudy at this time, the flowers may last longer on the branches.

After the end of flowering, fruits begin to form on the tree. The timing of the harvest depends on how early the cherry blossoms bloom. You can usually eat berries already in June.

Flowers appear on the surface of the cherry even before bud formation. This usually happens after the temperature rises to 8-10 degrees Celsius. Around the same time, the color of apricot and other early garden trees can be seen.

Middle lane. In the Moscow region, Moscow and other regions of the country, cherry begins to bloom in the first half of May. If it has rained heavily before, there will be many flowers on the tree. In the middle lane, it is recommended to plant self-fertile varieties of cherries. After all, there it often rains not only before the start of flowering, but also during it. Because of this, there are practically no insects on the site.

In warm areas, most varieties of cherries can be planted. All of them will feel good there, and also delight the owners of the site with a rich harvest.

Leningrad region. In this part of Russia, cherry blossoms bloom much later. This usually happens in early June. Most cherry varieties in this region produce poor harvests. Therefore, the owners of the plots choose for themselves such varieties as Shpanka Shimskaya, Vladimirskaya or Crimson.

In the Urals, as well as in Siberia, trees bloom at about the same time as in the Leningrad region. For cold climates, gardeners are encouraged to select frost-resistant tree varieties. And also pay attention to the late cherries, which begin to bloom at the end of the last spring month.

Rostov-on-Don. In this region, as well as in Voronezh, cherry blossoms are in the second half of spring. Cherry blossom appears on the trees on April 23-25. It is worth planting trees in these regions that begin to bloom earlier than others.

Most often this is due to the fact that the garden is too young. In the first year after planting, young seedlings do not bear fruit and do not even bloom. This is due to the fact that they spend all their energy on rooting. Cherries begin to bear fruit only a couple of years after planting.

If the tree used to bear fruit, but now it has stopped, the reason may be that it is tired. In this case, do not be upset. We just have to wait until next year.

In order for the cherry to bloom well and bear fruit next year, it must be carefully cut in the fall, removing all dry or broken branches. If a mature tree does not bear fruit for several years in a row, it may be too old. In this case, it remains only to cut it down and replace it with a new one. This is best done in the fall.


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