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Cute Cat Pixel Art Ideas You Will Fall In Love

In the past, consoles and computers only played games at low resolutions and with a limited color palette, so game developers and artists had to convey their fantasies through a set of pixels.

Today we have powerful hardware and advanced software that can create incredibly realistic graphics. There are no longer the restrictions that forced us to create pixel art.

But despite the new opportunities, pixel art is not dead. From a necessity, pixel art has grown into an aesthetic genre with pleasant vibes from the past. Now it is also a tool that saves time and allows indie artists to create unique cat pixel arts without huge financial and time investments.

These unique cat pixel arts created by Do It Before Me Art Studio. They are amazing inspirations for beginner artists who seek for cute cat pixel arts. Pixel art is friendly to beginners and forgives them for many flaws. Drawing in this genre, you can learn the basic laws of composition and art creation, to then try yourself in a classic digital drawing.


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