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Realistic Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Women

Butterfly tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs of all time. Most often, girls choose butterflies for their first tattoo, because it is beautiful, stylish, and extremely attractive. In addition to its aesthetic element, butterfly tattoos have many different variations, since in nature there are so many species of this insect.

The question of “Should I get a butterfly tattoo?” may be wondering around of your mind. After examining these tattoo ideas you will know the answer to that. Since ancient times, the butterfly have many positive and creative meanings that can make a lot of positive changes in your life. In most nations, colorful insects symbolize immortality, rebirth, and lightness, because a beautiful butterfly appears from an ugly caterpillar.

There are several opposite interpretations:

  • In Mexico, they believed that the butterfly is a kind of symbol of hostility and struggle;
  • The Japanese revered butterflies as the image of warmth and comfort in the house;
  • In Germany and Scandinavia, it is the personification of the element of air, as well as everything mystical associated with elves and fairies;
  • South American Indians considered them the souls of dead soldiers;
  • There is another illustration of what a butterfly tattoo means: independence, freedom of movement. Under natural conditions, the insect rises without any concerns, and flutters from flower to flower, therefore butterfly tattoo is shared with the bearer with lightness, a sense of freedom.

Each person who wants to put a separate individual meaning into a tattoo tries to find their reflection in the illustration. Because the designation of a butterfly tattoo is multifaceted. In the meanings of this symbol, a strong connection of the human soul with the feminine, beauty, tenderness, lightness, and grace is noticeable. Some consider butterfly tattoos to be a mojo of beauty and youth. The symbol is also considered good luck.

Another meaning of the butterfly tattoo is freedom and independence. It is these qualities that tattoo carriers want to demonstrate to others.

But you should not consider the butterfly as an exclusively female symbol, often similar images are found in male tattoos, only they can be more brutal, such as with the image of a skull. In general, all depends on the concept, often a butterfly can be an elegant addition to the overall picture, soar among flowers, or sit on a skull.

What does a butterfly tattoo mean for strong representatives of humanity?

Butterfly tattoos are believed represent to reveal the secrets of life and the belief in the immortality of the soul, and reincarnation. Usually, tattoos are portrayed as a sign of memory of a deceased loved one. The sign illustrates love and respect. Men, on the other hand, prefer to choose drawings in darker colors: dark red, and dark green.


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