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20 Easy Butterfly Drawings – Step By Step Tutorial

Butterflies of different sizes are favorite images of novice artists. Large identical wings with amazing patterns are easy to repeat yourself and then decorate. See below for beautiful pencil drawings for sketching butterflies.

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Before drawing the butterfly, you need to make the initial outlines. To do this, draw an oval and a circle – these will be the initial outlines of the calf and head. These initial shapes will help you draw the butterfly correctly in the future. In the first step, draw two more pairs of lines, the same as in my drawing. They will help you draw butterfly wings.

Butterfly drawing step by step Simple butterfly drawing How to draw a butterfly Flower butterfly drawing

Children are very fond of drawing butterflies, probably because butterflies have an unusually beautiful and bright color. You can draw a butterfly with a simple pencil, but still, pictures of butterflies drawn with paints are much more spectacular.

This section of our site will help to teach how to draw the shape of the torso and wings of a butterfly correctly. It is necessary to complete the drawing of the patterns of the butterfly wings in stages and create shadows. Let’s try to draw a butterfly with a pencil, step by step. Next, we suggest looking at pencil drawings for sketching a butterfly.

First of all, draw antennae with bulges at the edges, and it will already become clear that this is a drawing of a butterfly. Also, add the upper fenders and the lower wing liners. Add a rounded outline to the top of the lower wings. Try to make the initial contours as accurate as possible, because the entire drawing of the butterfly will depend on the initial marking.

Flower butterfly drawing Pencil butterfly drawing Realistic Butterfly Drawing Butterfly drawing realistic Butterfly drawing outline Butterfly drawing for kids Butterfly drawing easy Butterfly drawing with colour Small Butterfly drawing Butterfly drawing

This step is very simple. You only need to connect the previous lines into one general outline of the butterfly’s wings. Draw these lines without pressing hard on the pencil. You will have to fix them in the next step.

Drawing in this step is also easy. The shape of the butterfly’s wings has an “irregular” shape and there are no special rules for how to draw them. Draw these outlines as you like best, the main thing is that the wings of the butterfly are symmetrical on both sides.

The butterfly’s wings are very delicate and sometimes even transparent. But there are veins inside the wings that you need to draw. Draw them randomly, the main thing is not too many, and that they are symmetrical. You see, learning how to draw a butterfly is not difficult at all.

Beautiful butterfly drawing Butterfly drawing sketch Side butterfly drawing

You just need to follow the step-by-step instructions exactly and as a result, you will get such a beautiful picture of a butterfly. However, first, come up with the patterns for the wings. Some butterflies have huge eyes on their wings. In this way, nature helps them protect themselves from birds that want to feast on a butterfly. Try to also draw such a pattern on the wings, there will be a very effective picture.

If you don’t know how to use paints, color the butterfly with colored pencils or shade the drawing with a simple pencil. Drawing a butterfly is quite simple. But there are certain difficulties, for example, the rough surface of the wings. Try this with pencil strokes pointing in one direction. Then you can rub these strokes with your finger or other improvised objects, such as paper or a hard eraser. There are so many patterns on the wings that you can draw any that you think of yourself. But almost all garden butterflies have a black outline on their wings. And in the cabbage butterfly, there are rare lines with circles.

In this video drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw a butterfly step by step. Stop the video periodically and add a new butterfly element to your drawing.

You managed to draw a beautiful butterfly, then try to draw also a dragonfly. Do you think you cannot draw such a beautiful dragonfly as in my drawing? And you try, the main thing is to take a sharper pencil because the lines of the dragonfly drawing should be very thin and clear.

Everyone has probably tried to draw a rose, but not everyone succeeds. In fact, drawing a rose is easy, you just need to remember its features. In this lesson, we will be able to draw a rose in stages. To make the rose look realistic, you can draw a butterfly sitting on a leaf or rosebud.

Draw a close-up of a chamomile flower and a butterfly perched on chamomile. Just keep in mind that a chamomile flower is perhaps even slightly smaller than a butterfly.

Clarice Bruckman
Clarice Bruckman
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