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10 Depression Sad Doodles – Easy Doodle Art Ideas

Whale doodle art

We have already talked about doodling as a phenomenon, and today we have prepared an article on the practice of drawing depression sad doodle art. A doodle is a form of modern art and an irrational style of drawing.

Unlike school art classes, there are no rules for doodles. Patterns can be either abstract or plot. You can apply and combine classic and right-handed drawing techniques.

We all love doodles and despises any attempt to “create a technique.” However, on the pages of the same book, he is trying to classify doodle artists and offers readers to take the test “What is your doodle?”

Brown is convinced that each of us has our unique visual-linguistic handwriting, almost like a signature or fingerprints. And this can be a starting point for the activation and development of the natural ability to interpret a visual language and use it in different contexts.

Where to start

Doodle is suitable even for those who have never painted and are convinced that they cannot do it. The main thing is the mechanism and spontaneity. While the head is busy with something, the hand draws and reveals the secrets of the subconscious. You are free to choose colors, shapes, and sizes. However, if you are just starting to practice, adopt the following tips.

Depression stress doodle Funny doodle Sleeping doodle Stressed doodle Tired doodle Whale doodle art Whale doodle Armadillo doodle Cow doodle Depression sad doodle

Get a notebook for creativity

It is better if it is a small notebook (A6 or A5) with thick paper so that you can always take it with you.

Choose handy tools

What do you like more: a ballpoint pen, gel pen or pencil? Prefer to paint with water-based felt-tip pens or markers? Pick the tools that will be convenient for you to work with.

Take time to draw

As in any other business, in doodling, skill comes with practice. Let your thoughts fly every day: draw over morning coffee, in the subway on the way to work, in bed before going to bed. Quite enough 15-20 minutes a day. Doodling will soon become your daily positive habit.

Experiment with color

Colors have a strong emotional effect on a person: some soothe, others, on the contrary, annoy; some are encouraging, while others are melancholy. Doodling is black and white for many, but try playing with the rainbow. Apply light watercolor on paper and draw doodles on top. You can go the other way: first, draw a pattern, and then color its elements or in its entirety.

Use patterns

A blank sheet of paper can cause stupor. How to draw? Where to begin? Templates will help you start your creative journey in doodling.

In the book by Tonia Jenny and Amy Jones, Zen Doodling. The art of subconscious drawing ”contains the world’s best examples of the art of doodling with step-by-step instructions. Try repeating them to find your creative style.

10 Aesthetic Yellow Vibes Wallpaper – Iphone Yellow Wallpaper

Aesthetic yellow iphone wallpaper

Each color has its meaning, its character, which affects our life and behavior much more than it seems. What is the psychology of color? How do colors affect our emotions? What does each color mean? What is the symbolism of flowers in different cultures? What is the meaning of flowers in psychology? Each tone and shade we associate with certain feelings, thoughts… In this article, we will familiarize ourselves with the basic concepts of the psychology of yellow color and give some tips on how to use the influence of yellow color in everyday life with these aesthetic yellow iphone wallpaper ideas below. You will learn how to apply the knowledge of this science in practice.


Yellow is the color of positive, optimism, youth, reliability and creativity. We use yellow emoticons in messages, and it is unlikely that you will wear something yellow if you are sad or have a bad mood. It is the color of the sun, gold, or cute animals like giraffes or chick.

For all that, the yellow color is very controversial. It is also associated with betrayal, lies, greed, or insanity. In some cultures, yellow flowers symbolize separation, separation. This color is also associated with certain, often torn away layers of society – for example, prostitutes. In the Middle Ages, yellow was considered the color of the Jews, who were often expelled from various territories. Conversely, in China, it is the most revered color associated only with positive associations.

Yellow is the color of the sun symbolizes the desire to win, to be a leader, to have an influential position, to become independent. Lovers of yellow are very smart children with a rich imagination, sometimes too dreamy, but obedient. It also happens that little yellow lovers are so immersed in their fantasy world, and it is very difficult for them to return to reality. In the future, such children will have a successful career, political vocation, and power positions.

Aesthetic Yellow Iphone Wallpaper

Lock screen aesthetic wallpaper iphone yellow Aesthetic yellow vibe Aesthetic yellow iphone wallpaper Yellow wallpaper hd for android Iphone yellow wallpaper Yellow themed iphone wallpaper Pastel yellow wallpaper iphone Yellow iphone wallpaper aesthetic


How to Draw a Nose Easy Step by Step for Beginners

How to draw a nose from the side easy

How to Draw a Nose

If you decide to draw a person’s face, it’s important to draw eyes correctly, but not only. There are no trifles in the portrait of a face. All facial features should be drawn accurately and beautifully, and for this, you need to be able to draw the nose correctly. In these tutorials, you can draw a person’s nose in the step by step. The nose drawing is made with a simple pencil.

Each person’s nose has unique features, so it’s impossible to give precise advice on how to draw the nose of a girl, child or man. You can only make an abstract, or as they say, “academic” nose pattern. It is this version of the nose pattern that I suggest you draw. Hopefully, there’s no need to explain how to mark these intersecting lines.

The human nose consists of “wings” and nose bridge, and it is these contours that need to be drawn at this step. The segment of the width of the “wing” in my drawing is almost half the vertical line. To draw a nose you need to carefully and accurately observe its “mirror” proportions.

After precise preliminary marking, drawing a nose will no longer be difficult. You see that further drawing is already quite easy. Circle the streamlined shapes of the wings of the nose. Draw two lines from the bridge of the nose and draw the tip of the nose.

Nose sketch How to draw a nose easy step by step How to draw a nose step by step

At this step, remove the excess contour lines with the eraser, and you will see a drawing of the most ordinary academic nose, you just have to draw a few small details. Get ready to have to tweak the final shape of the nose several times. Drawing a nose is not difficult, but the slightest inaccuracy leads to a noticeable caricature distortion. And sometimes the nose becomes “puffy” like Santa Claus or thin and skinny like Baba Yaga.

This stage of drawing and the next will consist only in one. It is necessary to apply shadow with a soft simple pencil so that the nose looks voluminous, as in the picture of real artists.

If you are going to draw a portrait of a person, then you are probably curious to know, and when is it better to draw a nose, at the beginning of the drawing or the end? Usually, when a nose is drawn at the end of a lesson, the nose is distorted, too wide or narrow, disproportionately small, or vice versa large.

Most likely, this is since you just get tired by the end of the lesson. In a portrait of a person, eyes and nose are considered the most important elements of the drawing, so it is better to start the drawing with them. But first, you need to do a general markup. Agree, you can correct the chin, ears, and even lips, but if you have not “guessed” with the nose and eyes, the portrait of a person will not be similar.

Nose drawing easy How to draw a nose from an angle How to draw a nose from the side easy How to draw a nose from the side How to draw a nose

10 Drawings of Eyes with Tears & Crying Eye Step by Step

Crying eye draw

You need to find new opportunities and things to paint, develop and improve your artistic skills? This time we offer you a new challenge: drawings of eyes with tears step by step. As a reference, we give step-by-step instructions. Most likely, you will need considerable patience to complete this picture, which is close to real life, but rest assured, you can do it right!

So, let’s start with a review of additional things that will require drawing a sad and crying human face with a tear on it. In particular, you will need HB core pencils, an eraser, a piece of paper or notepad, and a shading tool. Besides, for longer performance, you should keep them in a safe place, such as a pencil case.

Step 1: Start with the upper eyelids

This stage includes the outline of the upper eyelids with a pencil. You must draw a curved line, and then draw another, parallel, lower, repeating the first. The right end of the shape should have an acute angle, so connect the two lines at one point. Thus, the compounds form a wide part of this form. After finishing, fill them with hatching, and then slightly shade.

Everything here should be a mirror image. This means that the acute angle is on the left and the wide side is on the right.

Broken Heart Cry Eye Draw

Depressing cry eye draw Crying eye draw

Heartbroken Cry Eye Draw

Drawing of eyes with tears step by step How to draw a realistic crying eye step by step

Step 2: Add Eyelashes and Lower Eyelids

How can eyes look like real ones without eyelashes? To fix this, we need to create them on the outside of the eyelids. For this, the best option would be small triangles with a bend slightly up.

Once you’re done, we need to add a convex line under the top arc. There will be only one line without any narrowing or expansion. It should be shorter than the one above it.

Step 3: Eyebrows and Circles

Do not be afraid if you think your eyes are not finished after the previous step. It will make them more detailed. Now you must connect the upper and lower arcs. This can be achieved by drawing the shape of the iris in both eyes. Circle, the only thing you need to finish. It is necessary to add its sides, and the upper and lower bend of the lines will complement them.

After that, let’s do eyebrows. You need to add curved, interconnected lines at the top. For a more realistic picture, draw some folds of skin under the inner points of the eyebrows.

Drawings of eyes with tears step by step Broken heart cry eye draw

Depressing Cry Eye Draw

Crying eyes drawing anime step by step

Step 4: Drawing Tears In Your Eyes / Drawings of Eyes with Tears

Now it’s time to draw the falling drops. Start from the bottom arc. Draw a long tear shape and form a base from it. Add a smaller drop down as if it were choppy. Repeat the same approach on the second eye. Make the shape of the falling drop the same way. Under a stream of tears, you can also add a few tiny drops. Then add a few extra splashes around the shape of the tear streams in both eyes.

Step 5: Make Your Eyes Realistic

The following details will make the eyes more realistic. For the first step, you need to create a pupil shape inside the circles. Of course, the pupil is also a circle, but it has a smaller size. Finally, we must show that they are wet due to tears. Thus, add several ellipses connected inside the pupil. One ellipse must be smaller than the other. The same applies to the iris, but instead use tiny circles inside the white segment. Now you can fill the pupil with hatching, but leave the ellipses white. An eraser will help you.

Crying eye drawing Broken heart drawing

Step 6: Hatch and Shade / Drawings of Eyes with Tears

The last step will make the drawing not flat, but convex, and show the depth and irregular surface. Hatching will hide all errors and make the photo picture similar.

We hope you have achieved the desired result with the help of easy-to-follow instruction steps. You can personalize your drawing by adding or removing some tears. Besides, facial features may also differ from those that were in our manual.

15 Easy, Realistic and Colorful Owl Drawing Step by Step Tutorials for Kids

Sketch owl drawing

At all times, in many cultures, the owl is considered to be a symbol of wisdom. The body shape and especially the head of this bird of prey look very smart, and fluffy feathers make it very cute. See further beautiful owl drawings in pencil.

The first thing you gotta do is a selection of beautiful and original Owl pictures for pencil drawing. Try different art styles to find your own. Bright and beautiful images will help you with this.

Do you like to draw owls? For you, we have prepared a selection of funny owls for sketching. Owls attract attention with big eyes and funny expression, try to draw your favorite with a simple pencil.

How to Draw an Owl for Kids Step by Step

Owl drawing for kids step by step Owl drawing for kids easy How to draw owl Angry owl drawing Sketch owl drawing Colorful artistic owl drawing

An owl is an ambivalent symbol. It is a bird of wisdom, but also darkness and death. Being an attribute of the goddess Athena, the owl symbolizes wisdom, knowledge. Owls have the ability to see at night, to see everything around them, not moving from a place, but only turning their heads, they have a wise penetrating look.

Silent night flight, luminous eyes, and terrible screams influenced the fact that the owl was associated with death and occult powers. Owl was considered the bird of death in ancient Egypt, India, Central, and North America, China, and Japan. Like a night bird, an owl is a symbol of sadness, nostalgia, and loneliness.

Besides, owl personifies devastation and misfortune, darkness, night, rain. In many traditions, owls are a threat, they prophesy trouble. Witches, sorcerers, evil spirits can turn to owls. Owl was credited with the gift of prophecy, perhaps because of her ability to see in the dark.

Once an owl was a symbol of the ability not to fear the dark, that is, to know the secrets usually hidden to mortals. But over time, in late antiquity and the Middle Ages, superstition gave the owl demonic significance. This is currently the emblem of insight and book erudition.

Sketch Owl Drawing

Simple colorful owl drawing

Colorful Owl Drawing

Simple cute owl drawing

Realistic Owl Drawing

Easy way to draw an owl Cute owl drawing Artistic owl drawing Crazy owl drawing Owl drawing step by step Colorful owl drawing Realistic owl drawing

15 Digital Artwork Portraits from Famous Artist Aykut Aydogdu

Realism realistic digital art girl

From the first days of art, the painting was of great importance, because it was one of a kind. If you want a copy of the painting, you will have to hire an artist to draw it, but it will no longer be genuine. With the advent of the camera and digital imaging, copying art has become commonplace. That is why the ability to confirm the authenticity of an art object using the blockchain is a promising direction.

In the digital age, the challenge for art is copying. Firstly, the camera allowed to reproduce any picture. The Internet has taken this process to a new level. For example, a regular Google image search allows you to find a version of your favorite painting or high-resolution photo without paying the artist a dime. Works of art, such as painting, can be completely recreated from images on the Internet.

This becomes a problem for collectors who want to buy a work of art. How can they make sure they buy the original? Confirmation of the authenticity of art through the blockchain promises to tokenize the possession of a particular unit of painting. This allows you to confirm that you are the actual owner of the script. Similarly, it is planned to arrange the monitoring of the authenticity of the purchased hemp. You can also transfer this token certificate when reselling to a new owner.

Digital artwork

Simple digital artwork

Realistic beautiful girl deviantart

Cute deviantart girl

Girl illustration art

Realistic deviantart girl drawing

Digital art woman

Digital art girl simple

This applies not only to traditional art. The blockchain also opens the door to digital art and photography, where artists create works that are designed to be displayed on the screen. In digital art, plagiarism and piracy are very common. However, the “digital artist” will be able to sell tokenized certified art. Thus, he will reduce the number of fakes and will be able to prove to customers that they have purchased the original.

The problem is that documents are pretty easy to fake, especially in a centralized repository. When auction houses want to verify the authenticity of a work of art, they examine the documents of its origin. They also hire external appraisers. The latter was mistaken many times, checking fakes, instead of the originals.

Confirming the authenticity of art through the blockchain will solve this problem. Today, several companies are working to create a digital database of world art and its owners. These owners have public and private keys (what’s the difference?), Which are proof of ownership of the original work.

Digital artwork

Realistic digital art girl

Digital artworks

Realism realistic digital art girl

Drawing deviantart girl

Beauty deviantart digital art girl

Fashion girl illustration art

Brown hair digital art girl

Girl digital drawing


32 Modern Surreal Artworks from Pop Surreal – Famous Surrealism Art

modern surreal art

Modern Surreal Art

Surrealism (French. Surrealisme – superrealism) – a direction in literature and art of the twentieth century, established in the 1920s. Having arisen in France at the initiative of the writer A. Breton, surrealism soon became an international trend. Surrealists believed that creative energy comes from the realm of the subconscious, which manifests itself during sleep, hypnosis, painful delirium, sudden insights, automatic actions (random wandering of a pencil on paper and other variations). The famous artist Salvador Dali called the “father of surrealism” the Italian painter of the Mannerist period, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, a master of visual puzzles and puns, who lived in the 16th century.

Surrealism in painting developed in two directions. Some artists introduced the unconscious beginning into the process of creating paintings, which were dominated by freely flowing images, arbitrary forms that turn into abstraction (Jean Arp, Max Ernst, A. Mason, H. Miro, and others).

Another direction, which was led by Salvador Dali, was based on the illusory accuracy of reproducing the surreal image that occurs in the subconscious. His paintings are distinguished by a careful manner of writing, accurate transmission of chiaroscuro, perspective, which is typical for academic painting. The viewer, succumbing to the persuasiveness of illusory painting, is drawn into a labyrinth of deceptions and unsolvable puzzles: solid objects spread out, dense objects become transparent, incompatible objects twist and turn, massive volumes acquire weightlessness, and all this creates an image impossible in reality.

Dark surreal art

modern surreal art Love surreal art Animal surrealism art Dark surreal art Owl surrealism art

Famous surrealism Love dark surreal art Modern pop surrealism art Landscape surreal art

The general features of the art of surrealism are the fiction of the absurd, syllogism, paradoxical combinations of forms, visual instability, and variability of images. The main goal of the surrealists was through the unconscious to rise above the limitations of both the material and the ideal world, to continue rebellion against the emasculated spiritual values ​​of bourgeois civilization. Artists of this direction wanted to create on their canvases a reality that does not reflect reality prompted by the subconscious, but in practice, this sometimes resulted in the creation of pathologically repulsive images, eclecticism, and kitsch. Certain interesting finds of surrealists were used in commercial areas of decorative art, for example, optical illusions, which make it possible to see two different images or plots in one picture, depending on the direction of the eye. At the same time, artists turned to the imitation of the features of primitive art, the work of children and the mentally ill.

For all their programmatic purpose, the works of surrealists evoke the most complex associations. At the same time, they can be identified in our perception with both evil and good. Awesome visions and idyllic dreams, violence and humility, despair and faith – these feelings in various forms appear in the works of surrealists, actively influencing the viewer. With all the absurdity and even certain amusement of some works of surrealism, they can stimulate consciousness, arouse associative imagination.

Surrealism was a contradictory artistic phenomenon, which largely explains the wide orbit of its distribution. Many seeking artists who subsequently abandoned surrealistic views passed through it (P. Picasso, P. Klee, Truly Camille Clovis, etc.). The poets F. Lorca, P. Neruda, the Spanish director L. Bunuel, who shot surreal films, adjoined surrealism. The sophisticated technique of combining the unconnected and the self-irony and humor that appeared in late surrealism allowed him to organically integrate into the poetics of modern postmodernism.

Famous surreal art

Modern pencil surrealism art Famous surreal art Eye surrealism Modern pencil surrealism art (2) Easy surreal art

Very often, the paintings of surrealist artists are described as absurd, completely devoid of any logic and full of contradictions works, which nevertheless revolutionized the relationship between the human mind and the reality surrounding us. Surrealists believed that only art can make the human mind completely free.

The forerunner and ideological founder of surrealism in painting, researchers consider the work of the Dutch artist Jerome Bosch (XVI century), whose mysterious paintings showed the interest of the creative person in fantasies, unrealistic images and deformed reality (“Allegory of gluttony and covetousness”, “Removing stupidity stones”, a triptych “ The Last Judgment).

The most famous Surrealist Spaniard Salvador Dali (1904-1989) considered himself a follower of Bosch. His works, based on Freud’s theory of the human subconscious, served as a formal and visual language for conveying his dreams, fantasies, and hallucinations to people around him. His work is characterized by the use of the paranoid-critical method of cognition (a state that allows you to create illusions while fully maintaining your sanity). His famous paintings are “The Constancy of Time,” “The Dream Caused by a Bee Flying Around a Pomegranate, A Moment Before Awakening,” “A Premonition of Civil War,” “Swans Reflected in Elephants,” etc.

Surrealism is considered to be the German ideologist of the style: artist, graphic artist and sculptor Max Ernst. This is a recognized master of collage and frotting, in whose works a lot of attention is focused on the work of people with a mental disorder. His works: “Pleiades or the approach of puberty”, “Celebes”, “Doubtful woman”, “Oedipus the King”, “Castor and Polkas”, “Eye of silence”.

Surreal art

Easy modern surrealism Modern easy surrealism art Modern easy surrealism art Modern contemporary surrealism art Easy modern surrealism art Dream surrealism art characteristics of surrealism

A well-known artist who worked in the style of surrealism, Frida Kahlo (Mexico), her work has a special semantic fullness, emotionality, and brightness. Her works are distinguished by a large number of self-portraits: “Little Doe”, “Two Frida”, “Broken Column”, “roots”, “What the Water Gave Me”.

The French surrealist Yves Tanguy, who changed a huge number of different professions, was a sailor for some time, which explains the presence in his paintings of the theme of the sea, underwater inhabitants. His works are characterized by a certain gloom, romanticism, the use of soft, smooth lines, the image of clouds, sea waves, puffs of smoke: “Tomorrow”, “Wind”, “Hand in the Clouds”, “Transformation”, “Storm”.

In Belgium, the painter Paul Delvo contributed to the development of a surrealistic trend in painting, the central theme of his paintings was a naked female body, often depicted skeletons, the most famous canvases: Sleeping Venus, Mermaid Village, Mirror, Leda, Pygmalion. Also, the famous Belgian artist is the surrealist Rene Magritte, his works “Child of Man”, “Lovers”, “Fake Mirror”.

Surrealism as a separate art movement on the territory of Russia was not developed since in the days of the USSR even the most innocuous fantasies and the slightest deviations from the strict ideological course of the Communist Party were recognized as “foreign elements” and the machinations of the decaying bourgeois West. Nevertheless, in some works of artists, you can find some prerequisites for their surrealistic perception. For example, in the painting of the Soviet artist Alexander Tyshler (1898-1980) “Director of the Weather”, researchers see fantastic images and spatial sensations similar to surreal techniques in the paintings of Salvador Dali, Goncharov’s painting “Death of David” (1926) was made in the best traditions of Max Ernst’s paintings, paintings artist Clement Redko, related to the subject of electroorganisms, are associated with the “machines of desires” Ernst and Duchamp.

The group of followers and students of Kazimir Malevich, under the name UNOVIS (Affirmators of New Art), was most closely associated with such a direction in painting as surrealism. Researchers note that all later work of Malevich (on the example of the painting “Three Girls”) can be safely attributed to the surrealistic direction.

Beautiful surreal art

surreal art surreal artists modern Depression modern surrealism art Depression dark surreal art surreal artwork Surrealism modern art Drawing surrealism art Surrealism surreal art surrealism photography Photography surrealism Beautiful surreal art


10 Beautiful 4K ultra HD Flamingo Wallpaper Backgrounds from Kristina Makeeva

Flamingo wallpaper

Thousands of pink birds, flamingos, gathered in Lake Bogoria from Kenya. So, this is a huge opportunity to renew the wallpaper background of your phone. Flamingos are very attractive exotic animals.

In these wallpaper backgrounds, the pattern is pastel pink. The pink color is recognized by designers as one of the most consistent in recent times, but when using it, you still need a sense of proportion and a delicate taste. Graceful birds in nature tend closer to water so that their image for bathrooms does not represent anything unnatural.

Wallpaper showing soft pink birds standing against a uniformly blue background looks almost serene. Not worse, but pastel flamingos surrounded by leaves of exotic trees are more vigorously perceived; they don’t need to be pink, you can find options when the birds are depicted in arbitrary color.

By varying the color of the base, you can create a mood in the spirit of different seasons. So, in pastel shades, designers hint at spring, and summer plots are filled with concentrated, expressive colors, primarily green and yellow.

White or pink flamingos, as well as swans of the same colors, look right in the most glamorous and sophisticated wallpaper backgrounds for phones. With the help of a monochrome background, you can harmoniously fit this plot into the atmosphere of European minimalism or neoclassical style. Neutral design elements harmoniously follow the general outline and do not depart from the chosen direction.

Selection tips

It is recommended to select wallpaper which makes you feel relax physically and emotionally.

In all three cases, it is advisable to use a picture where the birds are shown together with flowers. According to designers, for the vintage atmosphere on your phone, you can use wallpapers with more than the usual number of birds. Experts also believe that exotic birds will look best in the new big-screen phones and that the birds themselves should not be too brightly painted or painted very large.

Cute Flamingo Wallpaper Backgrounds

Wallpaper iphone flamingo Wallpaper tropical flamingo Real flamingo wallpaper Flamingo wallpaper for iphone Pictures of real flamingos

flamingo desktop wallpaper hd desktop tropical flamingo wallpaper tropical high resolution flamingo wallpaper

flamingo wallpaper hd iphone Flamingo wallpaper hd Flamingo wallpaper phone Beautiful flamingo pictures


20 Cute and Easy Cartoon Hamster Drawing Ideas – Chibi and Kawaii Styles

Cute hamster drawing easy

Probably, not everyone loves hamsters, and many even panic in the sight of the usual small mouse shaking with fear. But still, there are some people like us who love hamsters and keep them even at home. Hamsters look very cute and harmless with gullible eyes.

Drawing a cute hamster is difficult, like any other animal. Each has its characteristics and differences, which are difficult to accurately convey in a drawing without experience. Since kids may also want to draw a hamster, we made this lesson as easy as possible. We hope you will be able to draw these hamsters step by step, with a pencil, with no mistakes for the first time.

Before drawing, let’s make very simple outlines for the head and paws, as well as outline the line of the hamster’s back. To do this, expand the sheet and draw a large circle in the center, and two paw circles next to it. And, of course, the curved line of the back. The circles do not have to be perfectly even, but the backline needs to be drawn just like in my drawing.

Only four lines you need to add to the drawing at this stage and you get the general outline of the hamster.

Cute and Easy Cartoon Hamster Drawing


Hamster drawing step by step Kawaii cute hamster drawing Cartoon cute hamster drawing Cute hamster drawing easy Realistic cute hamster drawing

It may seem that at this stage it will be difficult for you to draw. Not at all. First draw two ears, eyes and a nose. You see, the hamster is already looking at you, as if asking, let’s draw on. Draw three paws, the fourth in this figure will not be visible. And now you need to draw the hamster’s face. From the middle of the nose, drawdown two connecting oval lines and draw a neckline just below the circumference of the head.

Before that, we drew contours to help you withstand the basic proportions of the body and head. At this step, you will need to carefully draw other small details of the hamster, so take your time. If necessary, wash with an eraser and correct inaccurate lines. But first, remove the extra contour lines from the hamster’s drawing.

This step is the most difficult because you need to draw a muzzle in detail. Start with it. First, draw what seems easy to you. Remove the contour lines for the eyes and nose. The eyes should be slightly elongated just like the nose. Draw pencil points for the pupils and draw the nostrils. Now you can also point out the mustache with dots on the face and go to the ears. Draw the claws on the legs, they are also easy to draw. And the last thing that needs to be done is to outline the areas on the skin of the hamster, including the face, where a different shade of paint or a simple pencil will be applied.

To finish drawing the hamster, you need to color the drawing with colored pencils or apply shadow with a simple pencil. Hamsters sometimes have a rather colorful skin color. You can draw surrounding objects next to the hamster or make the background of the picture monotonous in bright colors. I hope you were able to learn how to draw a hamster and can now draw other animals.

Cute Hamster Drawing

Hamster drawing step by step Kawaii simple cute hamster drawing Simple cute hamster drawing Easy dwarf hamster drawing How to draw a hamster Hamster drawing simple Cute baby hamster drawing Cute Bee Hamster Drawing Chibi cute hamster drawing Cute hamster drawing Cute hamster how to draw a hamster Cartoon cute hamsters Simple hamster drawing easy Easy hamster drawing Easy so cute hamster how to draw a hamster

Credits: Instagram

10 Beautiful Portrait Drawings from Famous Portrait Artist Yoshi

Portrait drawing easy

Today, we have prepared portrait drawing tutorials for you from the famous Japanese artist Yoshi on how to draw portraits. Practice and you can draw a realistic portrait in just a couple of minutes with simple practical advice on how to achieve similarities, in what technique to draw, how to direct lighting, how to draw nose, mouth, eyes, ears, how to maintain proportions, and what are the features of the image of men and women below.

Types of portraits

There are two types of portraits: a formal portrait, where a person is depicted in a position that dictates his type of activity, and where great importance is attached to composition, environment, and often symbolic attributes.

And an informal portrait, where a person is depicted in an arbitrary, natural pose, for example, performing some routine work in a familiar environment. This spectacular modern way of depicting people appeared thanks to instant photography and requires high skill and good taste from the artist.

Easy portrait drawing

Portrait drawing Female step how to draw a face

Female how to draw a face Beginner portrait drawing step by step Step by step easy portrait drawing Beginner easy portrait drawing Pencil easy portrait drawing Sketch pencil portrait drawing Pencil portrait drawing


It is important not to scatter the viewer’s attention and remember that the face (mainly the eyes) should be in focus. But to make the portrait more expressive, try to draw not only the head but also the shoulders or body to the waist, as well as hands that are as attractive as the face, if they are beautiful in shape or play an important role in the composition.

Woman portrait

The image of women, as well as a study of their character, cannot do without solving aesthetic issues. You should choose a free, arbitrary position if the model is young, and more strict, calm if the model is mature. Avoid unnatural, overly theatrical poses. In many cases, it is worth drawing a woman to her full height, since clothing and background play an important role in reflecting the personality of the model in the drawing.

Portrait of a man

A male portrait is usually more formal. It reflects the generally accepted image of a man, which is associated not only with his physical qualities but also with his position in society. Sometimes the side lighting, giving beautiful contrasts, helps to highlight the features and shapes of the male face. A relaxed body position and facial expression are beneficial for a young man, while mature men are best portrayed in a restrained, stately pose.

Female portrait drawing reference

Portrait drawing easy Portrait drawing easy girl Step by step easy portrait drawing Female portrait drawing Easy girl portrait drawing Female portrait sketch Woman beautiful portrait drawing Portrait drawing step by step Woman portrait drawing


Lighting should be slightly diffused, come from one source (from a window or a lamp) and be located a little higher and to the side of the model. Such lighting reveals facial features, but so softly that no shadows form under the nose and mouth and around the eyes. For this reason, bright artificial lighting (for example, from a searchlight) and direct sunlight should be avoided: they emit even the smallest wrinkles and adversely affect the quality of work.

These two photos differ in the angle of inclination of the light source and the distance between the source and the model.

How to achieve similarity

It is important to convey not only physical similarities but also psychological ones. To achieve physical similarity, it is necessary to carefully consider the shape of the head (and draw from general to particular) and accurately calculate the proportions of the face as a whole and the details of the face (eyes, nose, mouth and so on). To achieve psychological similarity, it is important to talk to the model, try to understand its nature, preferences, habits and observe the environment in which a person lives and works.

Of course, this is not always possible, but it can come in handy to determine the most suitable posture and decide which character traits should be emphasized or placed in the spotlight.

The most important thing in the portrait genre is to outline in general terms the individual characteristics of the model’s head and only then carefully study the details and how they relate to each other.

Head proportions

When drawing the head, you need to make sure that its proportions, that is, the relative sizes of the components (eyes, ears, nose, mouth – we will consider them later), are transferred correctly and accurately. When drawing a portrait, it is important to pay close attention to the general structure of the head and determine its main characteristics, because in many respects the degree of similarity of the drawing with the original depends on it.

Detailed reproduction of details is not enough: if the general appearance of the head is inaccurate, almost always the result will be only distant, unsatisfactory similarities.

Square grid

A square grid that is known from the school bench is useful in training. A grid is applied to the image to be enlarged (drawing or photograph). The same number of squares, but enlarged, need to be transferred to the surface for larger drawing. After that, you can easily transfer strokes to the desired cell, observing the proportions.


Once you carefully study the general structure of the head, you can go on to analyze the features of the details of the face: nose, mouth, eyes, and ears. It makes sense to learn to recognize the basic morphological, that is, the structural characteristics of all elements of the face since it is precisely the exact reproduction of individual features that allows you to achieve close similarities.

Source: instagram