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20 Realistic Bird Drawings in Pencil 2023

Pictures of birds can be very beautiful, especially if you draw a Firebird or a Cockatoo parrot. The colors of the plumage of these birds have such shades that it is sometimes impossible even to match the paint. Pencil drawings cannot convey all the beauty of a bird, but they will be a good drawing lesson.

In addition, if you correctly shade a bird drawing drawn with a simple pencil, they will become voluminous, which is quite difficult to do with paints. For an example of the lesson “How to draw birds” we took a flying parrot. In the future, if you can draw this parrot correctly, you can draw any birds. So let’s draw a bird with a pencil step by step.

First, draw an oval in the middle of the sheet of paper, it will be the body of the bird. Then draw a triangle at the bottom of the oval. It will make a tail. When that is done, you can draw two arched lines for the outspread wings of the parrot.

The wings of birds are very similar and differ only in the span and size of the feathers. To the upper arched contour lines of the wing, draw the lower lines to make the wing leaves. Check the proportions of the wings about the body of the bird. If everything is correct, let’s draw the parrot’s head.

Above the outline of the bird’s body, draw an oval and outline the eye in it. There should be space in the middle of this outline. In it, you will subsequently draw the eye in detail.

All you need to do at this stage is carefully and accurately draw a small parrot’s beak. There is nothing difficult in this, just follow the proportions.

The bird drawing will be almost complete if you add just a few extra details. Namely, you need to outline the contours of the wings, chest, back, and tail. Now remove the extra pencil lines from the picture.

Leave the lower part of the tail untouched, it will be completed at a later stage.To draw feathers will have to spend a lot of time because you need to carefully draw them. Each feather should be stretched out, and as you can see in the picture, they become thinner and smaller at the top, and vice versa, they are larger at the bottom.

When you have drawn the main feathers, start sketching out soft feathers (downs) under the wings and on the stomach. In the picture, they will look like fluff. So we have come to the end of the lesson “How to draw birds” step by step.

It remains to draw quite a bit: draw out the tail, finish drawing the carcass, and then outline the small hips, paws, and claws.
Delete the previous, now unnecessary pencil sketches that you drew in the initial stages. So we got a drawing of a bird – a drawing of a flying parrot. I want to give some more tips on how to draw flying birds.

Remember that when you draw a large bird and a small one with spread wings, the proportions of the wings to the body are different. A large bird has wings much larger than its body.

The picture shows the outstretched wings of large flying birds, eagles, and swans. Such birds have large gaps between the body and wings, due to this, it is easier for them to soar in the air. The flight feathers of small birds are less noticeable, almost merging into one. Large birds have very prominent feathers, especially when they open their wings.

If you draw an eagle, please note that its wing is arranged differently than, for example, the wing of a swan. The shape of the wings of an eagle has a rectangular figure.


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