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20 Trending Basement Bathroom Ideas in 2023

Small spaces, outbuildings, and basements are the most difficult bathrooms to design. You have to place a lot of necessary items in a small area.

In this case, you need to plan. You need to think not only about plumbing and ventilation but also about the room as part of the house. Is it a century-old house with a stone foundation that can boggle the imagination?

Or is it a modern concrete building? And you also have to think about what will happen on both sides of the door, which will affect, of course, everything.

Be bold. The typical decision when placing a bathroom in the basement is to hide it, and sometimes there is simply no other way to get it “in motion” so that it is not boring.

Reason: in this case, it is necessary to include in the design of the furnace, water softeners, a gas water heater, a ladder, and so on. And sometimes, after the bar, the bedroom, and everything else that makes the house distinctive, there is no space left for an attractive bathroom.

In this case, it is better to look for other directions in design and make the bathroom part of the plan so that it does not get “lost”.

Mandatory ventilation

One of the most important parts here is a sufficiently powerful ceiling fan that will be able to eliminate moisture, not allowing it to settle on the ceiling or in the pantry, but leading it outside the building.

For example, to the sky. Steam is just a cloud when you take a shower. But after you leave, the steam settles on the baseboard and turns back into the water. And then there are many unpleasant things that you don’t want to clean up at all.


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