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Attractive Rose Tattoo Designs to Try in 2023

A rose is a flower that symbolizes love, passion, sensuality, and hope. A rose tattoo looks appropriate on any part of the body. Therefore, it is not surprising that many women choose this particular flower for a tattoo. In this article, we have selected more than 30 amazing rose tattoos created by Do It Before Me Art Studio.

Classic red rose

The meaning of the rose tattoo does change depending on where you make your tattoo. A red rose tattoo means passion and bright love for a lifetime. According to legend, flowers with red buds appeared in the garden of the goddess Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty, as a result of the fatal wounding of her beloved Adonis.

A red rose on the hand is a symbol of open feelings and devotion in a relationship. If the flower is one, it can also mean one love for life.

A burning rose is a symbol of experienced betrayal and deceived hopes. Such a tattoo is filled with the memory of a difficult period in life, which is impossible to forget.

A black and white tattoo in the form of a rose speaks of the interweaving of romance with deep sadness and the presence of internal contradictions.

The image of a rose is one of the most common flower tattoos all over the world, both for women and men. The meaning of a rose tattoo is considered one of the most multifaceted, and the symbol itself can be interpreted in different ways.

In the 16th century, images of roses were applied to prisoners sentenced to the most severe punishment – the death penalty. Over time, the meaning has changed dramatically and the rose tattoo began to symbolize pure love, beauty, passion, and romance.

Another common meaning of a rose tattoo is a religious relationship, in particular, a red rose tattoo symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ, mercy, forgiveness, and mercy.

The rose tattoo is often also used as a counterpart to the Yin and Yang symbol. In this case, the flower symbolizes femininity, and the thorns on the rose denote masculinity. Rose tattoos in the form of intertwined dark prickly and light flowers without thorns have the same meaning – a combination of feminine and masculine, good and evil, light and dark, together representing total harmony.

The meaning of a rose tattoo with thorns and without thorns

The thornless rose symbolizes love in its purest form, most often declaring love at first sight.

Thorns as a means of protecting roses always remind you that even the brightest feelings cannot be without victims and that you must always be careful not to prick yourself with sharp thorns. A rose tattoo with thorns means love, associated with pain and obstacles, bringing torment and torment.


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