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20 Anime Girl Drawings Step by Step for 2023

Now we will consider in detail how to draw an anime girl with a pencil in stages for beginners from the anime “Spice and Wolf”. This girl is a wolf, she has ears and also a tail, but we will only draw the face and upper body.

Step 1. First, draw a circle and guide curves, then outline the head, nose, and mouth of the anime girl, then proceed to draw the eyes.

Step 2. The picture shows a diagram of how to draw anime eyes. At first we draw contours and a pupil, we paint over a pupil, strongly we press a pencil. Around the pupil, we weaken the pressure on the pencil to get a transition from dark to not so dark. The bottom of the eye is generally barely pressed on the pencil.

Step 3. Draw the anime girl’s hair and a line in her mouth, tongue.

Step 4. We draw ears and thin lines we draw a skeleton of a body, then we draw shoulders and a jacket on a body.

Step 5. Draw the eyebrows and hair of the anime girl.

Step 6. We erase the lines that we no longer need, the girl’s hair can be painted over with a pencil.


  1. Omigod so good, I saw them and my jaw dropped, I am a art teacher in California, and I have always loved anime drawings since I was in college, which was last year, but anyways I love anime and these are suoer good


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