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20 Cute Anime Drawings in Pencil Step by Step 2023

The top and bottom edge of each ear should line up respectively with the eye and nose lines you drew earlier. Draw oblong “C” shaped lines between the guide lines so that their edges are adjacent to the sides of the circle and the jaw line. For simplicity, you can leave the ears as they are, or draw curved lines inside them to add more detail.

In anime or manga, the nose is less visible from the front than from the profile. If you want to draw a simple nose, simply place a dot where the nose line intersects with the vertical center line. To depict the nose in more detail, draw two short, curved lines on either side of the central axis.

If you are depicting a male character, draw a horizontal line under the line drawn earlier so that it ends near the side of the head. For a female character, draw a curved curve under the guideline towards the side of the head. Place the bottom line of the eye above the tip of the nose. Draw the same second eye symmetrically to the center line

Start the character’s brow line above the corner of his eye just above the horizontal guide line you drew earlier. Draw a slightly curved or broken line of the same shape as the upper edge of the eye. You can draw an eyebrow in one line or make it in the form of a rectangle. After that draw the eyebrow above the other eye..

Find the midpoint of the line separating the character’s nose and chin to determine where to draw the mouth. If you want to make a simple mouth, draw a slightly curved horizontal line to make the character smile or frown. Place a slightly smaller line under it to show the lower lip.


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