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20 Aesthetic Wallpaper Ideas for Your Iphone for 2020

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Aesthetic Wallpaper Ideas for Your Iphone

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On the subject of this article pushed one recent incident. A friend recently bought his first iphone smartphone. And literally in a few weeks I changed it to another one, almost the same.

Both smartphones were about the same release time, with the same OS version, the same price category, and similar design. When asked why he decided to change the phone, he replied, “Yes, his on-screen keyboard was inconvenient and folders on the desktop could not be created.”

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Description for Aesthetic Wallpapers

Aesthetic Wallpaper is an application that has a large amazing collection of glitches, aesthetic, steam wallpapers and home screen backgrounds. Aesthetic Wallpapers provide you with many of the best aesthetic wallpapers and backgrounds to make your screen unique and classy.

This wallpaper and background app contain an extensive database for choosing the best wallpapers of your choice, you can explore stunning, aesthetic wallpapers and backgrounds, and save and share your favorites with friends.

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Here you can download pictures to your phone for free. Our collection is regularly updated with interesting new products; you will always find something new and interesting for yourself. All wallpapers and screensavers are sorted by category and keywords.

A convenient download system allows you to directly download pictures to your phone (via ru.mob.org) or your computer, as you wish. For your convenience, select your mobile model in the panel on the right, and the system will select for you the wallpaper suitable for the size of your screen for download. And remember, with us, you can download all the pictures for mobile phones for free!

The introduction of the Android operating system has led to the popularization of another very remarkable feature that relates to the desktop of each device running this software.
We are talking about live wallpaper, which is an animated desktop screen saver that responds to touch on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. From this moment, Android wallpapers are performed in two versions: the first is a static graphic image, and the second is a lively and dynamic screensaver. Moreover, the latest wallpaper is more in demand among smartphone users. Today, live wallpapers on Android are widespread.

Several screensavers are offered in the original version of the software and are available immediately after turning on the device you just purchased. However, their theme and execution are quite simple, which cannot be said about the very idea of ​​introducing animated wallpapers. Therefore, each owner of a smartphone should try to install more live pictures, thereby personalizing their device.

The theme of live wallpaper. The popularization of the installation trend of live wallpapers is forcing many smartphone users to download Android wallpapers from different resources. At the same time, the abundance of themes in graphic designs is truly endless, because each user can find the desired shell and apply it to their device’s main screen.

The most common topics are nature and natural phenomena, plants, the theme of space and planetary motion, the fall of water droplets, ships. An animation of burning a flame, an explosion of fireworks, and animal behavior are less common. From this area, animated versions of aquariums are most commonly found.

Aesthetic features of live wallpapers. It is important to understand that live wallpapers for Android are not only a technical novelty in the field of high technology but also as an aesthetic pleasure. Static pictures, selected according to a specific topic, have long ceased to be an innovation, despite the possibility of their installation in high resolution.

Therefore, for the Android operating system, the wallpaper should be live, from which you can get a lot of pleasure by watching the dynamic change of events on the screen, which happens in an interactive mode, that is, it partially depends on the smartphone user.

It is pleasant to observe the natural phenomena that are provoked by touching the touch screen. Freezing at the point of contact, scaring away the fish and their sudden movements as protection against interference with their idyll on the screen, increased wind, the appearance of circles on the water – all this calms and gives pleasure, which cannot be achieved on other smartphones besides Apple products and even computers. Therefore, the introduction of live wallpaper is a big step forward, both in terms of technology and in terms of the aesthetics of mobile devices and their software shells.

There is an excellent Color in motion Live Wallpaper app from independent developer Lev Berezkin. Smooth animation, abstract themes, breathe life into your phone! A huge plus that distinguishes this particular application from the rest – the application code is optimized so competently that it does not consume extra battery power. Perfect for AMOLED screens.

Many iphone owners practically do not know one of the main advantages of this unlimited possibility of customization. Very often, because of this, they are forced to put up with the many annoying flaws of a particular shell or phone model, or even change it altogether. It can be an uncomfortable keyboard, a non-functional lock screen, the lack of Russian letters in the dealer and much more. And installing a launcher or replacing a stock lock screen is often associated with flashing, “hacking” the phone, losing the warranty and multi-page manuals. Although in reality, it is no more complicated or illegal than installing a new game from Play.Market

Just want to say that the purpose of this article is not to describe in detail all possible options for settings and all popular programs. Especially since this site already has a lot of great reviews of so many of these applications. And not so much a review of the programs themselves, as an attempt to tell about the possibilities of OS customization. Unfortunately, even in this format it is impossible to tell everything in one article. Therefore, we will focus only on the very first steps. If this format turns out to be interesting, then we will consider the remaining moments in the following sections.

Static wallpaper

Changing the wallpaper on your desktop is one of the easiest and at the same time effective ways to change the look of your phone.

One of the features of the wallpaper in iphone – when scrolling through desktops, they scroll a little horizontally. This feature is retained in most branded skins, such as the HTC Sense or Optimus UI. Because of this, the resolution of the wallpaper will be “screen height” * “2x screen width”. As a picture for wallpaper, you can use any photo or image. Specially tailoring them to the desired resolution is not necessary – if the picture is more than necessary, then you will be asked to choose which part of it will go to the wallpaper. If you need to fit the picture completely, you will have to manually adjust it to the desired resolution.

Selection of wallpaper on the Internet is devoted to the mass of various sites. There are special collections for phones. For example, excellent selection of pictures for wallpaper from time to time puts Artem. If someone missed them – I highly recommend to watch. -> Robot Wallpaper <- Especially those that are not from anime.

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