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20 Aesthetic Flower Drawings with Simple 2023

Now you will learn how to draw a sunny sunflower. To do this, you need to start with two oval circles. Now you need to draw the petals of the flower. And at this stage, you need to draw sunflower leaves and another unopened bud on top, as shown in the picture.

That’s it! You now know how to draw a flower. You just have to paint your drawing.Let’s draw a sunflower. He resembles the sun. Note that we first draw three circles.We finish the petals.

We draw circles. Let’s draw some big ones first. Step back a little and add a few more circles, but smaller. Then we repeat the same action three or four more times, each time reducing the circle.Let’s draw the foreground. Large circles are in the foreground. In them we will draw the middle of the flower, and around it – the petals.

We continue to draw flowers. We rise up and draw sunflowers. As we remove, we reduce the detail.
К каждому цветку добавим стебли и листья. Все они будут соответствовать параметрам цветов. Между цветами добавим еще несколько силуэтов цветов. Сверху нарисуем облака на небе

With the help of yellow and light brown colors, draw the sky in sunlight. The centers have two shades of brown. Draw flowers on the field with a black pen. Carefully remove a simple pencil a little.


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