20 Female Character Design Ideas 2020

20 Female Character Design Ideas 2019.
20 Female Character Design Ideas 2019.

Female character design can be a tricky illustration beast to tackle. You may know how to draw dynamic characters, but designing your own character from scratch involves a lot of creative thinking. Although many of the classic characters familiar to us all through cartoons, movies and advertising look simple, that simplicity usually belies the many hours of work that have gone into their development.

Find out how game industry professionals find and develop character design ideas.

Whenever I am invited to create a character “in my own style”, I understand that this is a great opportunity to strain and completely stay in the process of creating a design. But I also have to make sure that the concept is suitable for the character design of the game. For me, this means that the concept should:

Fit into the environment of the game; be readable, indicating the role of the character; be simple enough so that it can be rebuilt for implementation in the game. Therefore, I divide the process of creating a design into two stages.

First, I will show how to completely go crazy and develop my ideas and concepts to the extreme. And then I’ll tell you how I polish the design for future use. The key point here is to create a portrait of the character that reflects the character and manners of the character.

My method combines both traditional and digital drawing, but it does not require mastery in either. All that is needed here is an open mind, patience and perseverance, which will help develop the best idea.

Creating concept art is work within a certain framework. We will create an unplayable character (NPC) for a role-playing game with 3D graphics, a trading system and a gloomy atmosphere. And for the sake of pleasure, the character will fill the entire canvas, and his palette will be very bright. Grab your best pencils and follow me!

For several days on Twitter, there has been a flashmob mod called Respectful Redesign, which was launched by Russian feminists. The purpose of the flash mob is to redraw frankly dressed female characters from games, anime, TV shows, comics, and so on in more decent and practical clothes. The flash mob aroused great enthusiasm among feminist artists, there are already more than fifty artworks. Here are some of them:

A flash mob lasts only a couple of days but has already caused a lot of fierce debate and criticism. Feminists are criticized for the fact that redrawn characters allegedly lose their charm and personality. Besides, some artists are not particularly talented and their artwork is terrible.

The funny thing is that with the tag #respectful_redesign there is not a single work that would correspond to a good art design. That is, they even have no concept. To draw pants and cover the chest of the character is not an art design, this is the lack of original ideas.



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