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20 Easy Tutorials Hulk – How to Draw Hulk


How to draw Hulk

The Hulk is a rather difficult character to draw. His body consists of a huge number of muscles, and he sometimes moves quickly. Therefore, here you cannot do without a step-by-step drawing lesson.
For the initial image of the Hulk, you will need to mark the torso in the form of lines and circles. First of all, we will draw a vertical line and from it, we draw an oval (the head of the Hulk) and other lines that will denote the shoulders, arms, legs, etc.

incredible hulk hulk drawing ehulk drawing easy step by stepeasy hulk drawing

Now you can add mass to the character’s body, otherwise he does not look like himself at all! Draw the muscles throughout the body in the form of circles.

We draw short hair and basic facial features on the head. Now you can roughly mark the location of the nose, eyes, and mouth. Then you can draw everything in more detail.

easy simple hulk drawingeasy hulk pencil drawing

We remove the lines. Add muscle folds all over the body.

Now let’s switch to detailing and start working on each element in the drawing. Already on the hands, instead of circles, fingers appeared, folded in the form of a fist.

hulk drawing step by pencil


angry hulk drawing

It is also impossible not to notice tense muscles. We draw them to give a complete resemblance to a comic book hero. Add some shorts with pleats in the lower torso.

Detailing the face, which is completely angry and tense. The teeth are tightly linked together, and the eyes look somewhere into the distance with anger.

easy cartoon hulk drawing mini hulk easy drawing

sketch how to draw hulk


For each pencil line, outline. Thus, the drawing has become more visible on paper and has distinct lines. If necessary, you can use the eraser to remove unnecessary lines.

Let’s paint the Hulk shorts in blue. To do this, take two colored pencils of different tones.

incredible hulk drawing easy

face hulk drawing step by step hulk drawing

Step one. Let’s mark the hero’s position with circles. His body consists of many massive muscles, and all of them will have to be drawn. This is not an easy task, so be patient.

Step two. On the head, we draw round eyes and a not very happy face. Next, the pumped-up torso and fists, give shape to the legs.

easy full body hulk drawing avangers hulk drawing pencil hulk draw

Step three. We draw hair, fingers. Direct and oblique internal muscles of the abdomen, and also outline the contours of the pectoralis major muscles.

Step four. Now we need to add some lines all over the body to make it more realistic. We detail the legs.

reailistic hulk draw face hulk drawing easy


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