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20 Bike Drawings Step by Step in Pencil – How to Draw Bike

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how To Draw Bike ?

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How to draw a bicycle with a pencil step by step
Great, it’s almost a bike. And this is also extreme.

Before drawing a bike with a pencil, I tried to understand: why do people love a bike?

.art realistic bicycle drawing beginner bike drawing easy bike drawing pictures a bicycle is a two-wheeled friend of man;it saves gasoline;

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with him you can not go to the gym and swing your legs;
this is an occasion for joint trips through the forest with friends;
and also does not require a driver’s license;cartoon bike drawing easy cartoon how to draw a bicycle realistic bicycle drawing How to draw a bicycle with a pencil step by stepStep one.

First, let’s show the outline of the bike, its main lines. That is, well, you and I should get two oval wheels connected by a frame, a base for a seat and a steering wheelcute bicycle drawing bike sketch easy bike sketch Step two. Circle the ovals-wheels, make them wider. Show the rudder line smoothly. Let’s circle the existing base for the seat, give it a shape.

We draw another line from the saddle down, draw the front sprocket and pedals.drawing bicycle step by pencil how to draw a bike step by step how to draw a mountain bike Step three. Draw the thickness of the rubber. A fender is located above the rear wheel. Now let’s turn to the frame and wheel fork.

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Let’s shape the saddle, show the Seatpost. Let’s move on to the steering wheel: here are the handles and the steering column.perspective realistic bicycle drawing pencil realistic bicycle drawing step how to draw a bike Step four. Now let’s pay attention to the details. We are still missing a wheel rim with a nipple. Next, draw cassettes on the rear wheel and a chain.

Draw holes on the star. Let’s make the pedals three-dimensional. There are stripes on the bike handles. Draw a line on the saddle that separates its sidewall.sketch realistic bicycle drawing sketch pencil bicycle drawing
sketch how to draw a bike

Step five. There is very little left to come to the goal. Namely, the box for the chain and the spokes for the wheels.

Now you can draw a bicycle with a pencil. It’s a pity that you can’t ride it. But you want to!

simple how to draw a bike simple bike drawing easy

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