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15 Best Summer Vibe Songs to Listen When High

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Summer Vibes

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7 Things That Can Create a Summer Mood in Your House

Every season has its own joys. But more than autumn, winter and spring, we always wait for summer and give it a clear preference. Though it flies very quickly. I want you to relax for a moment, lie back in your chair, forget about your worries and imagine how much beautiful things await you in the next three months. Let summer into your heart and allow yourself to enjoy it in full using this article’s points listed and described below.

Aroma of wildflowers

Imagine you wake up in the morning and the first thing you notice in front of you is this fragrant bouquet. Romantic, isn’t it? I do not know exactly what is the reason for the extraordinary attractiveness of field compositions. I think the secret lies in a symbolic reminder of our relationship with nature and how beautiful everything in this world is conceived.

Glasses from colored glass

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My summer wish list was replenished with a new desire when I saw these fabulous wine glasses. Inspiration served as the May post of Anna Bread. There you can find out where to buy such beauty.

Citrus Vase

To be honest, at the sight of such an abundance of lemons in one place, I immediately want to make lemonade. And recently, I did just that, using the recipe from Marvianna. And how much delight brings the preparation of fruit and flower ice to decorate the drink! Be sure to try!


Wherever this attribute of summer is located: in the house, on the veranda or in the garden, there will always be an atmosphere of tranquility around it. Hide from the daily routine at the peak of the heat of the dinner and you will feel that time has stopped.

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Breakfast al fresco

Meals on open terraces are another advantage of summer. It’s all about the length of the day. When you have breakfast, it is already light outside, and when you are going to have dinner, it is still light. Even if you have only a few square meters of balcony at your disposal, this is not a reason to deny yourself such pleasure.

Summer Sheets

New bright bedding sets will provide you with a good mood for the whole summer, so go shopping!

Berry Smoothie

According to the principles of healthy eating, it is best to eat fruit before or at the main breakfast. A morning portion of a vitamin cocktail made from berries will give you a boost of energy and lightness all day long. Experiment with ingredients and proportions. If you like sweets, add more banana. Recipes for delicious smoothies, I peeped in a blog with Natalie. Take and enjoy!

I wish your summer to be as bright and intense as the illustrations for this post. And do not forget to enjoy every day!

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