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100 Dollar Store Christmas Decor DIY Ideas

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Make your home look festive for less with these dollar store Christmas decor DIY ideas. There are wreaths, candles, centerpieces, home accents and much more!


Items You Can Get At Dollar Tree for $1:

  • glass candle holders
  • candles (pillar, jar, votive, taper, tea light candles)
  • glass vases, jars and bottles (including mason jars)
  • twine
  • burlap (red, green and regular)
  • bakers twine
  • garlands
  • Christmas bows
  • Christmas ribbons
  • ornaments
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Items You Can Get at Walmart for $1:

  • Christmas village figurines (small ones are less than $1)
  • Acrylic paint ($0.50 for small bottles of Apple Barrel paint)
  • Christmas picks (Dollar Tree does have some picks, but not as much selection as Walmart).
  • Clip Ornaments ($1-$3, depending on size)
  • Paint brushes

Soon Christmas is a traditional Christian holiday, as usual, celebrated in the family circle and full of evangelical symbolism. Many Christmas elements have become familiar with New Year’s ones: candles, a green Christmas tree as a symbol of eternal life, decorations in the form of stars and angels, etc. Therefore, decorating your home (apartment or house) by Christmas, we simply supplement the existing New Year’s decor with individual elements. As you might have guessed, today we are discussing crafts for Christmas 2019 with our own hands.

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Nowadays, almost all decor elements can be purchased in the respective stores, however, many prefer to make it with their own hands, realizing creative abilities and love for needlework. We offer several ideas, embodying which, you can better prepare for the long-awaited holiday.



As usual, when creating crafts, we can do without expensive materials and complex processes. Tools are also familiar and, hopefully, you can handle them properly. In any case, our ideas will help you to creatively organize your leisure time, it is interesting and useful to spend time.

A Christmas wreath, usually decorating the front door, came to us from the West, however, it fits perfectly into the Orthodox and secular traditions and can be used both as a pendant decoration, as well as the decoration of candles or a separate decorative element.



To make a Christmas wreath, you need around base-ring of a suitable size, usually made of thick cardboard, less often of other materials, for example, flexible branches, twisted and connected: metal and plastic rings are not considered a suitable base, but no one bothers you to use and them.

The next step is to design this ring itself: it is best to first wrap it with a fabric or lace ribbon of a color suitable for the main decorative element, then with the help of hot glue, threads or thin copper wire (you can combine) fasten the decor – twigs of needles, beads, bows, ribbons , pine or fir cones, etc.

The more imagination, the better and more original, the presented photos can serve as a source of inspiration and as a model for you.

Angels, especially with a trumpet, are a wonderful Christmas theme for Christmas decorations and individual decorative pendants. They symbolize an angel bringing the Good News, and create a unique flavor of this wonderful holiday. The most common design option consists of a paper or cardboard cone crowned with a ball or an image of a curly head cut out of some postcard or an old magazine, and wings that are attached to the back of the cone.

The eight-pointed Christmas star symbolizes the guiding star that led the eastern sages to the born Baby.

It is such a star that has long crowned itself with a Christmas tree and today it is actively returning to its rightful place, which for almost a century has been occupied by the communist red star or the faceless pointed “top”. The options for the Christmas star presented in the photo are easy to make from improvised means, for example, from salt dough:

Knead the dough with 2 cups of wheat flour, 1 cup of salt and 1 tbsp. tablespoons of lemon juice, adding purified water gradually until the dough acquires smoothness and elasticity;
from the resulting dough, roll out a sheet about 2 cm thick on parchment paper, make eight-pointed stars using a form or a knife using a template previously cut from paper;
dry the products for 3-4 hours in the oven (80 ° C) or 2-3 days in the air in a ventilated room; finished stars are polished with fine sandpaper and painted, covered with sparkles, rhinestones, etc., as your fantasy tells you.

Bells, as a symbol of church evangelism, are good both on a Christmas tree, and in the form of independent decor, and can be made from various improvised materials.

Christmas nativity scene perfectly complements the interior of the home, as it dramatically reproduces the traditional Christmas story. This is a complex, multi-element design, which requires great skill to manufacture. However, as can be seen in the photos presented, there are much simpler and more modern versions of the den, which can be performed using simpler techniques and using the most affordable materials.


Christmas is the most beloved holiday of Christians. It is customary to celebrate on a grand scale in the family circle. This celebration is also worth preparing in advance. Children who attend various educational institutions make interesting crafts for this occasion.

Therefore, in our publication, you can read about what crafts for Christmas can be done with your own hands for Sunday school children. Sunday school today is attended by a large number of children in different parts of our world. Children there learn the basics of Orthodox culture and just have fun.

The entertainment part should include the creation of beautiful crafts that will be created in the Christmas theme. Therefore, if you are also planning to create something interesting, then pay attention to our examples. Interesting crafts for Christmas Christmas wreath. It is worth saying that wreaths for Christmas can be made from a wide variety of materials. For example, it can be sweets, nuts, Christmas toys, bows, and other items.

A similar list can be continued very, very long. But if classes with children are planned, then it is best to choose a simpler option. Opt for a small button wreath. To create such a product, take buttons of various sizes and different colors, a thick sheet of cardboard, scissors and PVA glue, a braid or piece of fabric, beautiful paper.

Progress: First of all, we cut out circles that will have the same size from cardboard and a sheet of wrapping paper. In these circles, we make a hole. We stick the paper on cardboard. It is worth saying that for such a case, it is best to choose holiday paper. Prepare buttons for operation.

They must be combined in color. Of course, such buttons should be beautiful. We layout the buttons on the frame and see how this composition will look. After that, the buttons must be glued. The work is worth starting with the largest buttons. Buttons can be placed tight enough to each other or scatter. After that, the craft should dry. Next, from a piece of cloth or a ribbon, make a loop.
























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