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10 Aesthetic Yellow Vibes Wallpaper – Iphone Yellow Wallpaper

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Each color has its meaning, its character, which affects our life and behavior much more than it seems. What is the psychology of color? How do colors affect our emotions? What does each color mean? What is the symbolism of flowers in different cultures? What is the meaning of flowers in psychology? Each tone and shade we associate with certain feelings, thoughts… In this article, we will familiarize ourselves with the basic concepts of the psychology of yellow color and give some tips on how to use the influence of yellow color in everyday life with these aesthetic yellow iphone wallpaper ideas below. You will learn how to apply the knowledge of this science in practice.


Yellow is the color of positive, optimism, youth, reliability and creativity. We use yellow emoticons in messages, and it is unlikely that you will wear something yellow if you are sad or have a bad mood. It is the color of the sun, gold, or cute animals like giraffes or chick.

For all that, the yellow color is very controversial. It is also associated with betrayal, lies, greed, or insanity. In some cultures, yellow flowers symbolize separation, separation. This color is also associated with certain, often torn away layers of society – for example, prostitutes. In the Middle Ages, yellow was considered the color of the Jews, who were often expelled from various territories. Conversely, in China, it is the most revered color associated only with positive associations.

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Yellow is the color of the sun symbolizes the desire to win, to be a leader, to have an influential position, to become independent. Lovers of yellow are very smart children with a rich imagination, sometimes too dreamy, but obedient. It also happens that little yellow lovers are so immersed in their fantasy world, and it is very difficult for them to return to reality. In the future, such children will have a successful career, political vocation, and power positions.

Aesthetic Yellow Iphone Wallpaper

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